Episode 2: Run Windows 11 on your M1 Mac

In order to run Windows 11 on an M1 Mac you will need to run it in a Virtual Machine (VM). A VM emulates a physical computer and you can then install an operating system on the VM and run it as if it was a completely independent computer.

The operating system, in this case Windows 11 does not know it is running in a virtual environment and will behave the same as it would if installed on a physical computer.

The most popular emulation software for Macs is Parallels (parallels.com). You can install a trial version and then pay by subscription or a once off cost. The subscription will provide you with upgrades as they become available. The once of cost will require you to pay for each upgrade.

There are some important points to note:

  • You will need a valid license key to activate Windows 11 in your VM
  • M1 Macs can only install the ARM based version of Windows 10/11
  • If you need to install the Intel based version of Windows this can only be done on an Intel based Mac (or you could use Bootcamp)

You can view my YouTube Video at: https://youtu.be/inGYzBRDBRs

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